Non-Surgical Skin Tightening & Lifting

HIFU – Treatment

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“At Lanspa our team of qualified dermal/ laser technicians & nurses understand the concept of prevention as the key to achieving youthful looking skin as we age. All of our anti-ageing treatments are delivered to you by our knowledgeable & expertly trained technicians, world class machinery & the best in medical grade skincare”.



The ULTRAFORMER III is an optimum, non-invasive ultrasound device that lifts and tightens the face for a youthful complexion and tightens the body for slimmer contours. With precision per shot pulse, HIFU-powered transducers are designed to either remodel collagen to remove facial wrinkles and sagging skin or tighten body tissues to reflect your true potential.

HIFU- With Ultraformer III

Suitable for: skin laxity around Jowls, nasal labial folds, under eye hollows, eyelid & brow drooping- 40-60yrs old

Reform your youth with the global leader in HIFU technology. This is a medical grade device that targets the muscle & fat cells as well as the deep dermis and epidermis using ultrasound waves. Doctors around the world are using this technology in replacement of face & body surgery. This device is the best in Asia with early intervention proving best results for the long term.

7D Ultraformer III Pricing

Full face and neck | $2400
Lower face (cheeks & submental) | $1600
Neck | $240
Fox eye lift | $460
Forehead |$300

Hollywood full face lift (superficial treatment) | $1050

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