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Picoway By Candela

Picoway is the newest, most advanced Picosecond laser in the world. It uses the newest laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology to create a photoacoustic effect in the skin (rather than a photo thermal effect), which means the skin doesn’t overheat and lead to long periods of downtime. The picoway system uses multiple ergonomic handpieces including full & split beam options to target your specific skin concerns.

China Light (Picoway Zoom)

Suitable for: Dull, Uneven, Hyperpigmented skin, Melasma
Full face + Neck
1 x $350
3 x $900

Skin Rejuvenation & Pore tightening & Acne Reduction ( Picoway Resolve)

Suitable for: Wrinkles, Open pores, Uneven texture, Skin Laxity
Full Face
1 x $490
3 x $1000

Pigment Spot treatment

Suitable for: Stubborn brown spots
1 x $90
3 x $225

Delux Picoway treatment

Suitable for those that need Anti-ageing/ Brightening and brown spot removal in one.
1 x $590
3 x $1200

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PicoWay?

PicoWay Resolve is a treatment on the PicoWay laser system, using a laser handpiece that splits the full beam into tiny microbeams. This allows treatment of conditions like acne scars and wrinkles. PicoWay Resolve acts by creating tiny open spaces, called vacuoles, under the skin where new collagen and elastin are built and can transform the skin over time.

PicoWay treatments are typically brief (15-20 minutes) and are done over a series of treatment sessions spaced weeks apart. Your doctor will recommend a treatment plan that works best for you.

Is PicoWay right for me?

If you are looking for a laser treatment that acts below the surface of the skin and offers low to no downtime, PicoWay may be the right laser for you. Ask your doctor if PicoWay can help minimize your acne scars or wrinkles, of if it can remove bothersome dark spots or tattoos that you no longer want.

Who is this procedure not right for?

PicoWay is FDA cleared for certain uses: acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots and tattoo removal. If you are looking for other laser treatment, such as hair removal, then PicoWay is not the treatment for you.

While PicoWay works across a broad range of skin types, depending on the wavelength needed for your treatment, PicoWay may not be the best treatment for your skin type.

PicoWay is a treatment that typically involves treatment over a series of treatment sessions, so that is an important consideration in your treatment decision. A PicoWay treatment provider can walk you through your treatment needs and will be the best source for determining whether PicoWay is right for you.

Is PicoWay safe?

Side effects with PicoWay are typically transient and expected as part of the laser treatment. Patients experience low to no downtime. In some cases, patients may use a topical anesthetic to enhance comfort during the treatment. More common side effects include redness, swelling, pinpoint bleeding, tingling or purplish spots. These effects will differ, however, depending on the treatment you receive.

Are PicoWay treatments painful?

How PicoWay feels will be dependent on the treatment you receive. Those undergoing tattoo removal are likely to experience some pain and discomfort with treatment.

With PicoWay Resolve treatment, most patients reported low levels of pain during treatment for wrinkles and mild to no discomfort for acne scar treatment.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Depending on the condition treated, you may be able to see initial improvement as early as after the first treatment. Typically, multiple treatment sessions are needed. As an example, a clinical study of benign pigmented lesions found that after 2 treatments, 87% of lesions had a least good response (>50% had a good response or better). [PicoWay 510(k) clearance for benign pigmented lesions (K150326)]

With PicoWay Resolve treatment, most patients reported low levels of pain during treatment for wrinkles and mild to no discomfort for acne scar treatment.

Can I return to normal activities after treatment?

Yes, PicoWay has low to no downtime. Most people are able to return to their activities of daily living shortly after treatment. You may need a bandage to keep the treatment area dry for a few days following tattoo removal.

What makes PicoWay different from other treatments?

PicoWay is a picosecond laser with high peak power and ultra-short pulse durations for a photoacoustic, rather than a photothermal effect that heats the skin. PicoWay patients report high patient satisfaction and low to no downtime.