“A beautiful day at the spa is what I call heaven on earth.”

Spa Packages

Our Lan Spa Packages.

SPA Packages


Couples Decadence Spa Package

4 hr | $680

Couples Decadence at Lan Spa 4hr | $680 for couple indulge in some personal time with someone special on a romantic escape at Lan Spa. Immerse in 4 hours of relaxation by starting with our Lan welcoming foot ritual + foot massage. Continue to be whisked away together with your choice of a 1.5 hr Swedish or Deep Tissue massage for two, indulgent signature facial, followed by 30 minutes of flower spa bath-time, with a High Tea/fruit platter and two glasses of chilled Champagne.

This spa ritual experience includes:

  • Welcome Drink
  • Lan Flower Foot Soak + Scrub
  • Foot Massage
  • 90min Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage
  • Signature Facial
  • Couples Flower Bath
  • Mini High Tea & Two Glasses of Champagne
$680 for Couples | $340 Single

Signature Bali

1hr, 45 min | Suitable for: Relaxation

$119 weekday + Chilled champagne $129
$129 weekend + Chilled Champagne $139

De-stress the mind, balance the body, and boost skin hydration in this blissful head-to-toe ritual. Soothing essential oils will slow down time and drift you to a blissful state of relaxation and wellbeing. This calming journey will leave you relaxed, radiant and hydrated.

  • Lan Signature Flower foot spa + scrub
  • 1hr Aromatherapy Massage 
  • 30 min Facial 
  • Mini High Tea + desert 

Weekday Signature Bali

Weekend Signature Bali

Summer Dreaming

2.5 hr | $199

Suitable for: Relaxation & Detoxification

A soothing wind-down to slow the mind and promote restoration & healing. Soothing essential oils are combined with the art of massage to lull you to a meditative-like state while your feet & body are gently massaged. The skin is cleansed and hydrated with a vitamin boost facial treatment leaving you hydrated from top to toe. A holiday style flower bath tops this indulgent treat along with our Signature mini high tea.

  • Welcome drinks
  • Foot soak & Foot Massage
  • 1 hr Aromatherapy Massage
  • 45 min Rose Gua Sha Facial
  • Flower Bath & Mini High Tea

24K Gold Diva

2hr 15 min | $169

Within our lush surroundings you are the queen for the day. The ultimate appreciation package starts off on a high with chilled champagne and our Signature foot ritual. Our gifted therapists will soothe your tension and allow your body to unwind with the finest Lanspa Facial to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish while the gold foil mask works its magic to leave you glowing to perfection to look as good as you feel.

This Spa Ritual experience includes:

  • Chilled Champagne on arrival
  • Lanspa Flower Foot Soak + Scrub
  • 1hr Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Gua Sha + 24.99k Gold Mask Facial
  • Mini High Tea

Men’s Wellness

2 hr 15 min | $199

This man’s journey begins with a mindful moment as they set the intention for their experience whilst receiving the ultimate foot pampering scrub and muscle releasing foot & body massage. The skin will then receive the quenching, vitamin boosting benefits of a hydration facial which focuses on cleansing, exfoliation and anti ageing with a LED light mask + tension releasing facial massage.

This spa ritual experience includes:

  • Welcome drinks
  • Lanspa Flower foot scrub & soak
  • Foot Massage
  • 1hr Deep Tissue massage,
  • 1hr Signature Facial
  • Mini High Tea

Touch of Lavender

1hr 45 min | $169

Suitable for: Relaxation

Experience pure bliss and illuminate your senses with our lavender ritual. An invigorating body scrub, relaxation back massage & refresher mini facial will leave you completely blissed out.

This Spa Ritual experience includes:

  • Lavender Body Scrub
  • Lavender Oil Massage ( Back/ neck & shoulder)
  • Refresher Mini Facial
  • Mini High Tea

Tropical Revival

2 hr | $179

Suitable for: Boost circulation and loosen tired muscles

Breathe new life into your body and soul and enjoy a fresh start with this uplifting ritual. A sea Salt body scrub smooths the skin and prepares the body to fully enjoy the benefits of the Lomi lomi massage which is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of techniques, elements of prayer, breathing, and dance to restore energy and soothe the body. The ‘loving hands’ lomi lomi massage leaves you as energised as a walk on the beautiful sands of the Gold

Coast. This spa ritual experience includes:

  • Welcome Drinks
  • Lan Flower Foot soak & scrub
  • Salt + OIl Full Body Scrub + Shower
  • LomiLomi Massage
  • Mini High tea

Beach Body

2.5 hr | $209

Suitable for: Cellulite reduction or body slimming

A gentle exfoliation starts off your treatment to stimulate the circulation and then a slimming body wrap is applied to the entire body, during this you will enjoy a relaxing head massage. After an invigorating shower a total body massage follows & a lovely facial & head massage will leave you feeling beautifully relaxed and nourished.

This spa ritual experience includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Lanspa Flower foot soak & scrub
  • Dry Body Brushing + Slimming Body Wrap
  • Facial + Scalp Massage
  • 1 hr Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Mini High Tea

LUXURY LAN Group Event

3hr | $300 pp (Minimum 4people)

Perhaps you want to spoil your friends or work colleagues & have some bonding time. Allow yourself & friends to drift off and surrender to the gifted hands of your therapists. This three hour spa journey will leave everyone relaxed and rejuvenated. This Spa Indulgence includes:

  • Wine/champagne & cheese plate on arrival
  • Lanspa Flower foot ritual + foot massage
  • Body Scrub + 1hr Aromatherapy massage
  • 1 hr Signature Facial
  • Fruit platter & dessert

Mummy Indulgence

Suitable For: Mums to be be, after birth or tired mums

Allow yourself to drift off and surrender to the ultimate decadence in the gifted hands of your Spa therapists.A sense of renewal and wellness for your skin and mind. Our two and half hour options are tailored to all mums, but specifically pre & postnatal mothers.

Mummy Indulgence (Pre- Natal)

2hr | $169

  • Welcome Drink
  • Lanspa Flower foot soak & scrub
  • Foot Massage
  • 1.5hr Pregnancy massage
  • Mini High Tea

Mummy Indulgence (Post Natal)

2.5 hr | $209

  • Welcome Drink
  • Lanspa Flower foot soak & scrub
  • Dry Body brush + Slimming Body Mask + Hot Sauna Dome
  • 1hr Lymphatic Drainage massage
  • Refresher Mini Facial
  • Mini High Tea.

Mother Daughter Spa Day

Suitable for: Bonding time with your loved ones

1.5hr | $288 both

This splendid spa time is thoughtfully tailored to suit mother & daughter time. Enjoy some precious memories together while experiencing the ultimate treat within our soothing interiors & warm therapists hands.

For mum: 1.5hr

  • Welcome Drinks on arrival
  • Lanspa Flower Foot soak & scrub
  • Refresher Collagen Facial
  • 45 min Aromatherapy Massage
  • Mini High Tea

For Daughter: 1.5 hr

  • Welcome Drinks on arrival
  • Lanspa Flower Foot soak & scrub
  • 45 Mini Facial
  • 45mins Relaxation Massage
  • Mini High Tea


Body Upgrades

Dry Body Brush

$30- add 15 mins

Increase t he benefits of your body massage by i ncorporating dry body brushing t o stimulate t he lymphatic and blood circulation.

Slimming Body Wrap

$60- add 30 mins

Our slimming Body wrap will aid with t he detoxification of t he body.

Walnut Body Scrub

Add $60 + extra 30 mins

This Organic walnut body scrub will rejuvenate t he skin’s appearance, stimulate t he circulation and l eave t he skin soft & rejuvenated

Hot Sauna Dome

Add $50

Concentrated i nfrared l ight wavelengths help relieve j oint & muscle soreness whilst promoting muscular healing, detoxification & i mproved sleep quality

Milky Flower Bath

Add $60- + extra 30 mins

The perfect addition t o your t reatment, our signature Flower bath will enhance deep relaxation and relieve t ired and aching muscles.

Hot Stones

Add $20

Upgrade your massage with warm basalt stone (volcanic stones). These earth stones encourage blood circulation & energy f low, whilst assisting t he body release t oxins.


Add $20

Lymphatic massage i s a specialised approach which f ocuses on t he l ymphatic system & i mmune functions & aims t o maintain proper blood circulation,


Add $30

After t he f irst t rimester- i t i s safe t o receive pregnancy massage and reduce swelling and stress hormones so your body and mind can relax.

Deep Tissue

Add $25

Deep t issue massage i s proven t o relieve chronic muscle pain, stress, Lower blood pressure, t he heart rate and prevent i njuries.


Add $30

Remedial massage i s a specifically t rained massage t echnique t hat l engthens t he muscles f or better posture, i ncreases range of motion, alleviates stiffness, soreness, & pain.

Skin Upgrades

Collagen Eye mask

Add $20

This eye upgrade will help t o reduce puffiness & under eye darkness.

Collagen Face Mask

Add $20

Increase hydration and plump t he complexion with our collagen mask.

LED Light

Add $30

Reduce f ine l ines & promote healthy skin by stimulating cellular growth with t his scientifically proven technology.


Add $30

Minimise f ine l ines, promote smoother skin by upgrading your exfoliation experience with t he diamond dermabrasion.

Rose Gua Sha (Lymphatic)

Add $20

This ancient practice of elite women i s used t o l ift & f irm t he skin whilst aiding l ymphatic circulation & drainage.

Booking Policy
Bookings will open 30 days before the session starts.
Bookings close 23 hours before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.
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